Boarding Rate Increase

Dear Tappen Hill Clients,

This is an open letter to all of our wonderful clients to explain the necessity of our recent boarding rate increase.  

As you know, these past two years have been quite challenging for all of us, (for all of humanity actually).  As you are of course aware, travel was shut down, locally, nationally and globally for well over a year. This was an extremely difficult time for all dog boarding businesses due to their being so closely aligned with the travel industry.  

Now, almost two years later, travel is back and it is on the rise.  With many of our existing clients returning, we feel honored to once again be entrusted with the care of such wonderful dogs.  In addition to the return of our existing clientele, we are being overwhelmed with applications from new dog owners who are looking to establish a boarding relationship that gives them total peace of mind when they travel.  

At this point you may be thinking this all sounds great, so what’s the problem?  Well. . . 

In this post-covid employment environment, hiring and retaining smart, experienced, responsible, caring staff is a huge challenge.  There are many reports in the media about businesses failing because they cannot find enough employees willing to work.  Fortunately we are finding that quality employees are available.  The challenge is, they are more expensive than ever.  In this unprecedented job market, when it comes to hiring and retaining a skilled, experienced work force, it is absolutely true that you get what you pay for.

Consider for a minute, why you trust Tappen Hill with the care of your dog.  There may be multiple reasons, but I suggest that the most important reason by far, is because you trust in the excellence, experience and commitment of our people.  The crucial difference between Tappen Hill and other boarding options is that we are not, have never been, nor will we ever be, a revolving door for minimum wage employees.  This difference is huge.  

Tappen Hill has been fortunate to have benefited from a stable group of exceptional employees ever since we opened.   Our most senior staff have been with us for twenty years.  Some of our employees have worked with us for over fifteen years and others for ten-plus years, etc.  

Without exception, all of our staff are talented, smart, experienced, caring people.  These are the people who are taking care of your dogs.  Additionally, if you ever have a question or concern that you want to bring to our attention, you are only a phone call away from a conversation with the owners.  Annie and I are right here.  Having the owners, who founded Tappen Hill over twenty years ago, still working and living on-site provides invaluable continuity and stability.

Presently, to meet the returning demand for boarding, we just hired four amazing, new employees.  Every member of Tappen Hill’s staff receives full benefits and we pay our staff significantly more than any other boarding facility.  

In the coming years we are going to keep our prices as low as we can.  

However, we will never compromise on the quality of care that your dog receives at Tappen Hill.  The superior level of care that we deliver every single day, year after year, is a direct result of the personal attributes and exceptional quality of the people who are delivering that care.  Therefore, our rates are subject to change without notice in order to stay current as our costs increase.

Bright, talented, experienced people are expensive and they are worth every penny!   It is that simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  Thank you for your understanding.

We love you and we love your dogs!

Christopher and Annie Desmond, Owners
Tappen Hill Dog Boarding
707-824-9100  office