Tappen Hill operates daily shuttle service to and from San Francisco and Marin. The shuttle will leave Tappen Hill every morning (except major holidays).

The first stop is in Marin at Niven Park in Larkspur, (adjacent to Bon Air Center), just off Sir Francis Drake Boulevard on Barry Way.

The next stop is in San Francisco, at the Mountain Lake Park parking area in the Presidio. The parking area is located just past the Presidio Golf Course Concordia Club, at the very west end of West Pacific Ave. Enter the Presidio via the Arguello Gate then turn left immediately (west) onto West Pacific Avenue and continue straight past the Concordia Club to the end.

It is essential that all shuttle clients arrive at their shuttle stop ON TIME. This will allow time for the dogs returning home from Tappen Hill to exit the shuttle, which will make room for the incoming dogs.

Shuttle stop locations:

Marin – Niven Park, on Barry Way in Larkspur. Map/Directions at Bing
S.F. – Mountain Lake Park, parking area at the end of West Pacific Avenue. Map/Directions at Bing

Schedule for pick-ups and drop-offs:

We offer shuttle service every day (except major holidays).

Marin – clients must arrive PRIOR TO   8:45 AM.
San Francisco – clients must arrive PRIOR TO   9:15 AM.


To or from Marin the fare is $35 per dog, each way.
To or from San Francisco the fare is $45 per dog, each way.

Making a shuttle reservation:

A reservation is required in order to make sure there is space on the shuttle for your dog. Shuttle reservations may be made at the same time that you book your boarding reservation or any time thereafter. You are also welcome to make last-minute shuttle reservations (space permitting). A shuttle reservation may be made by phone as late as 8:30 AM on the same day that your dog is scheduled to arrive or depart.

All shuttle reservations must be made by speaking directly to our office staff. Please understand that sending us an e-mail or leaving us a voice-mail requesting a reservation does not constitute making a reservation.

To check shuttle space availability, please call our office: 707-824-9100.

First time using the shuttle:

It is very important to us that the dogs have only positive experiences with the shuttle, therefore, we will not force any dog to board the shuttle. If anything more than gentle coaxing is required, and your dog does not willingly board the shuttle and accept being gently guided into his/her transport crate, that tells us that a slower, more careful introduction to the shuttle is necessary. Please note: Until your dog demonstrates that they are completely comfortable boarding the shuttle, please be prepared to drive your dog up to Tappen Hill yourself, just in case your dog surprises us with this unexpected sensitivity.

Shuttle Boarding Pass:

If you are dropping your dog off at the shuttle to be transported up to Tappen Hill for boarding, please download, print and complete our shuttle Boarding Pass form. This must be done the day before your reservation so you can call the Tappen Hill front desk to check-in over the phone, ask any questions and to relay any complex instructions.

If you have more than one dog, a separate Boarding Pass form must be filled out for each dog. This completed form will be your dog’s Boarding Pass and it will be required.

Please note: No dog will be permitted on the shuttle without an advanced reservation, a check-in over the phone and a Boarding Pass filled out by the owner.

Checking-in over the phone:

All dogs must be checked-in over the phone the day before their boarding stay begins if they will be arriving by shuttle. Please call the Tappen Hill office to confirm your shuttle reservation and to get your dog checked-in to our system the day prior to your dog’s reservation.

Shuttle Check-List:

Confirmed boarding reservation.
Confirmed shuttle reservation.
Checked-in for boarding over the phone the day before (by calling the office).
Bring your completed Boarding Pass to the shuttle stop.
Optional – bring enough food from home, properly measured, packed and labeled.
Bring all necessary medications, packed and labeled.

First time riding the shuttle? Please leave enough time to drive your dog up to Tappen Hill yourself, just in case he/she is uncomfortable with this new experience.


Being on time is critically important.
The shuttle will leave on time!

Daily traffic is dynamic and very unpredictable. On very rare occasions, no matter how carefully we monitor the traffic situation, a single stalled vehicle or traffic accident in the wrong place at the wrong time could result in the shuttle arriving a few minutes late.

Because it is so important that the shuttle run on time, we will not be able to wait for late clients:
Unfortunately, if you are late, our shuttle schedule does not permit us to wait for you. If your dog is being brought home by the shuttle at the end of a boarding stay, and you (or your pre-approved designee) are not there to meet the shuttle, your dog will remain on the shuttle and be transported back up to Tappen Hill. At that point, you may elect to pick your dog up at Tappen Hill (later that same day) between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM or you can call our front desk to schedule a shuttle reservation for the following day (space permitting). Please note: If a dog is being transported from Tappen Hill home to Marin or San Francisco and no one shows up to meet the shuttle, the client will be charged the applicable shuttle fare.


We take our responsibilities regarding the custody of your dog very seriously. We therefore have systems in place to transfer custody of your dog safely and securely. We may require that you (or your pre-approved designee) present photo I.D. (driver’s license) when your dog is picked up from the shuttle. Even if we know you, we may ask to see your driver’s license. We appreciate your understanding regarding this important issue.

What to bring:

If you have just arrived home from your trip and you are picking up your dog after a boarding stay, remember to bring his/her leash and collar with you to the shuttle.

If you are about to leave on a trip and are dropping your dog off for boarding, there is no need to bring food for your dog unless you wish us to feed a custom meal from home. In that case, remember to pack (and label) enough food for the entire stay plus enough food for a couple of extra days. Also, please remember to pack (and label) all necessary medications, making sure that they are properly documented on the Boarding Pass form.

More Information:

Please read through all of the frequently asked questions about our shuttle service.